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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: 2005 Disney Superhero Movie With Kurt Russell
Solution: Sky high

Question: Act Of Dropping Explosives
Solution: Bombing

Question: Aristocratic Japanese Warrior
Solution: Samurai

Question: Coarse Cotton Linen Cloth
Solution: Fustian

Question: Dollar Bill
Solution: Ace note

Question: Feeling Guilt
Solution: Ashamed

Question: French Producer Born William Grigahcine
Solution: Dj snake

Question: French Term For Custom Made High Fashion Haute
Solution: Couture

Question: Gary Whatchu Talkin Bout Willis
Solution: Coleman

Question: It Is Ill With Edged Tools
Solution: Jesting

Question: Levelheaded Confident
Solution: Assured

Question: Lower Part Of A River Where It Meets The Sea
Solution: Estuary

Question: Major Siberian Waterway Flows Into The Arctic
Solution: Ob river

Question: Nelly Singer Famous For Debut Im Like A Bird
Solution: Furtado

Question: Red Condiment Powder Made From Dried Peppers
Solution: Paprika

Question: Small Stringed Instrument Popular In Hawaii
Solution: Ukulele

Question: Software Used To Surf The Web
Solution: Browser

Question: The Animals Lyric There Is A House In New
Solution: Orleans

Question: The Opposite Of Western
Solution: Eastern

Question: Travelers Wife Sci Fi With Rachel McAdams
Solution: The time

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