Codycross Casino Group 272 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Advertising Tune
Solution: Jingle

Question: Author Of The Power And The Glory Graham
Solution: Greene

Question: Baltic Sea Island Split Between Poland And Germany
Solution: Usedom

Question: Baseball Team Known For Its Tomahawk Cheer
Solution: Braves

Question: Duvalls Character Loves This Smell In The Morning
Solution: Napalm

Question: Elizabeths Consort The Duke Of Edinburgh
Solution: Philip

Question: Exile Island For Napoleons Last Years Saint
Solution: Helena

Question: Famous Spanish Tennis Player Nadal
Solution: Rafael

Question: Leering
Solution: Ogling

Question: Nikolai Korsakov Composer Of Golden Cockerel
Solution: Rimsky

Question: Part Of Bullet That Holds The Powder
Solution: Casing

Question: The Double A Men At War Novel By Griffin
Solution: Agents

Question: The Male Organ Of A Flower Usually With An Anther
Solution: Stamen

Question: Tight Or Mean With Money
Solution: Stingy

Question: Depp Portrayed Edward Scissorhands
Solution: Johnny

Question: Wilkes Scarletts Love In Gone With The Wind
Solution: Ashley

Question: Glass A Full Length Mirror Can Be Tilted
Solution: Cheval

Question: Wedding Two Couples Marry At The Same Time
Solution: Double

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