Codycross Casino Group 270 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Accent Typical Of The Upper Classes
Solution: Plummy

Question: Ancient Celtic Priests
Solution: Druids

Question: Chalks Idiomatic Antonym
Solution: Cheese

Question: Dennis Cover Star Of The Beano
Solution: Menace

Question: French PM Whose Name Is Linked To Frank Kellogg
Solution: Briand

Question: French Polynesian Spot
Solution: Tahiti

Question: Gas Isolated By Scientist William Ramsay
Solution: Helium

Question: German General Erwin Rommels Nickname Fox
Solution: Desert

Question: Girdle Worn By Men In Ancient Greece
Solution: Zoster

Question: Masters Winning German Golfer Bernhard
Solution: Langer

Question: Messages Sent Electronically From Computers
Solution: Emails

Question: One Percent Milk
Solution: Lowfat

Question: Periods Of Extreme Difficulty Or Danger
Solution: Crises

Question: Red Headgear Of Van Eyck In His Self Portrait
Solution: Turban

Question: Ruins Of Sunken Boats
Solution: Wrecks

Question: Vend Again
Solution: Resell

Question: Wayne Mr Las Vegas Danke Schoen Crooner
Solution: Newton

Question: Posey Superman Returns Actress
Solution: Parker

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