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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Light Clinking Or Tinkling Sound
Solution: Jingle

Question: Astrological Cusps Can Be Ascendant Descendant
Solution: Angles

Question: Australian Aboriginal Monster Lurks In Water
Solution: Bunyip

Question: Brand Of Pastis And Absinthe
Solution: Pernod

Question: Cronenberg Sci Fi Horror About Buzzy Insect
Solution: The fly

Question: Cutting Implements Sometimes Good Luck Symbols
Solution: Knives

Question: Degree Of Prominence In Words Phrases
Solution: Accent

Question: Edwardian Era Skirt Narrows At The Ankles
Solution: Hobble

Question: Emma Wrote Elizabeth Is Missing
Solution: Healey

Question: Hannibal The Silence Of The Lambs Killer
Solution: Lecter

Question: Imprisoned
Solution: Jailed

Question: In The Direction Of The Sky Not The Ground
Solution: Upward

Question: Jewish Saying For Greeting Or Farewell
Solution: Shalom

Question: Large Spotted Feline That Is Also A Luxury Car
Solution: Jaguar

Question: Male Honeybees
Solution: Drones

Question: Mega Capital City Of The Khmer Empire
Solution: Angkor

Question: Mobile Enclosure To Board Planes
Solution: Jetway

Question: New York Play Football At The MetLife Stadium
Solution: Giants

Question: Nickname For Doctors But Not For Ducks
Solution: Quacks

Question: Risky Action Chess Sacrifice
Solution: Gambit

Question: Rub Two Of These Together To Start A Fire
Solution: Sticks

Question: Second Farthest Planet From The Sun
Solution: Uranus

Question: Small Unmanned Aircrafts That Can Take Aerial Shots
Solution: Drones

Question: Teeter
Solution: Wobble

Question: Wolf Blues Singer Born Chester Arthur Burnett
Solution: Howlin

Question: Twist Yoga Pose Sitting Down
Solution: Seated

Question: Yellow Rhyming Sixties Song By Donovan
Solution: Mellow

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