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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Elder Special Witness Of Latter Day Saints
Solution: Apostle

Question: A Female Who Is Engaged To Be Married
Solution: Fiancee

Question: Aluminum Ore A Major Source Of Aluminium
Solution: Bauxite

Question: Amy Actress Of Parks And Recreation
Solution: Poehler

Question: Comprehensive Health Examination
Solution: Medical

Question: Cezanne Painting The Les Grandes Baigneuses
Solution: Bathers

Question: Decorative Wheel Covers On A Car
Solution: Hubcaps

Question: Drawn Tight Like A Sail
Solution: Frapped

Question: Dried Grapes
Solution: Raisins

Question: Enduring
Solution: Lasting

Question: Eyes Closed Then Opened Very Quickly
Solution: Blinked

Question: Flat Stands Behind Window Door In The Set
Solution: Backing

Question: Game With Hoops And Mallets
Solution: Croquet

Question: Holbeins Portrait Of Famous Dutch Humanist
Solution: Erasmus

Question: Italian Naval Base Port City In Apulia
Solution: Taranto

Question: Lime Green Swimwear Worn By Borat
Solution: Mankini

Question: Making A Reservation At A Restaurant
Solution: Booking

Question: Many Selfish People
Solution: Egoists

Question: Mixer
Solution: Blender

Question: Mythical Greek Monster With Lions Head
Solution: Chimera

Question: Roman General And Victor At Battle Of Actium
Solution: Agrippa

Question: Sea Snails As Food
Solution: Abalone

Question: Someone Who Goes Up The Mountain
Solution: Climber

Question: Spear Like Instrument Used In Whaling
Solution: Harpoon

Question: Stretchy PU Fabric Women Love
Solution: Spandex

Question: Stretchy Fabric Used To Make Workout Leggings
Solution: Spandex

Question: Texas Play In Arlington
Solution: Rangers

Question: The Benicio Del Toro 2010 Lycanthrope Movie
Solution: Wolfman

Question: Two Wheeled Vehicle With Foot Pedals
Solution: Bicycle

Question: Way Your Hair Looks When Waking Up
Solution: Bedhead

Question: Word Meaning The Same As Another Word
Solution: Synonym

Question: Word With The Same Meaning As Another Word
Solution: Synonym

Question: Bhutto Pakistani PM Assassinated In 2007
Solution: Benazir

Question: Ism Art Style With Very Little Detail
Solution: Minimal

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