Codycross Casino Group 268 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Small Oven Treat Mignardises
Solution: Petit four

Question: A Suburban Neighborhood In Sembawang Singapore
Solution: Admiralty

Question: An Unbelievable Tale
Solution: Tall story

Question: Bill Teds Excellent 1988 Buddy Comedy Film
Solution: Adventure

Question: Enclosure For Steers
Solution: Cattle pen

Question: He Planned The Gunpowder Plot In England 1605
Solution: Guy fawkes

Question: Home Of The US Film Industry In LA
Solution: Hollywood

Question: In The Public Eye
Solution: Spotlight

Question: Isolate Set Aside Or Apart
Solution: Segregate

Question: Job Of Inputting Information Into A Computer
Solution: Data entry

Question: One Who Writes On Envelopes
Solution: Addresser

Question: Perforated Barrier To Keep Insects Out In Summer
Solution: Flyscreen

Question: Place On Athletics Track Where Relay Runners Stand
Solution: Check mark

Question: Protecting
Solution: Defending

Question: Rocky IV Boxer Character Played By Dolph Lundgren
Solution: Ivan drago

Question: She Is Credited With Making The 1st American Flag
Solution: Betsy ross

Question: She Won Americas Most Talented Kids In 2004
Solution: Tori kelly

Question: Singer Who Didnt Want To Go To Rehab Amy
Solution: Winehouse

Question: Suit In A Tarot Pack Also Known As Coins
Solution: Pentacles

Question: Walking Casually
Solution: Strolling

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