Codycross Casino Group 268 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Connecticut In King Arthurs Court By Twain
Solution: Yankee

Question: Activity Tracking Wristband Produces The Flex
Solution: Fitbit

Question: Bottom Of The
Solution: Barrel

Question: Catchy Advertising Song
Solution: Jingle

Question: Cotes North French Dept Was Cotes Du Nord
Solution: Darmor

Question: Feeling Cold Damp And Sweaty
Solution: Clammy

Question: Filter Feeder System Inside Certain Types Of Whale
Solution: Baleen

Question: French Word For Chair
Solution: Chaise

Question: Green Champagne And Midori Make A Firebreather
Solution: Dragon

Question: It Means Fifth In Spanish In The Feminine Form
Solution: Quinta

Question: Loosen Up Muscles Before Taking Part In Sport
Solution: Warm up

Question: Marshall Mathers
Solution: Eminem

Question: Parked Up On A Canal Or Dock
Solution: Moored

Question: People Who Are Related To You Are Your
Solution: Family

Question: Second Largest Planet In The Solar System
Solution: Saturn

Question: Space Bouncy Orange Toy For Riding On
Solution: Hopper

Question: The Basic Units Of A Screen Image
Solution: Pixels

Question: Theres A Ferry Across It Sang Gerry Marsden
Solution: Mersey

Question: Trial Anagram Of Laredo
Solution: Ordeal

Question: UK Comedian Who Launched The Simpsons Tracey
Solution: Ullman

Question: Who Roger Rabbit Half Cartoon Half Real Life
Solution: Framed

Question: Yoga Pose With Back Raised Like River Crossing
Solution: Bridge

Question: Binks Comedic Relief In Star Wars
Solution: Jar jar

Question: Franklins Ship Lost And Found In The Arctic
Solution: Terror

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