Codycross Casino Group 268 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Argentina Footballer With The Hand Of God
Solution: Maradona

Question: Aurora The Proper Term For The Northern Lights
Solution: Borealis

Question: Bangkok Is Capital Of This Asian Nation
Solution: Thailand

Question: Bugle Call Associated With Warfare
Solution: Last post

Question: Classic French White Sauce Flavored With Bay
Solution: Bechamel

Question: Container For Inhaled Tobacco
Solution: Snuff box

Question: Covering A Gift With Paper
Solution: Wrapping

Question: Good Things Come To One
Solution: Who waits

Question: Greek Philosopher Looked To Attain Happy Life
Solution: Epicurus

Question: Metabolic Disease Related To High Blood Sugar
Solution: Diabetes

Question: Permission Granted By Those In Authority
Solution: Sanction

Question: Rock Paper
Solution: Scissors

Question: Secret Covert Way In Not Up Front
Solution: Backdoor

Question: Seven Brides For Seven 1954 Musical
Solution: Brothers

Question: Smiling Broadly
Solution: Grinning

Question: Statue Worship
Solution: Idolatry

Question: They Allow Plugs To Fit Other Sockets
Solution: Adapters

Question: Two Word Term For Vein Carrying Blood To The Heart
Solution: Vena cava

Question: Underground Was A Passage For Slaves
Solution: Railroad

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