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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Anagram Of Stiff Gun Traditional For Thanksgiving
Solution: Stuffing

Question: Catch All Term For Germanic Spirits And Liqueurs
Solution: Schnapps

Question: Dark Wood Used By Chippendale In Furniture Making
Solution: Mahogany

Question: Fancy Handbag Especially One With A Drawstring
Solution: Reticule

Question: First Name Of Bonaparte
Solution: Napoleon

Question: Hand Held Controller For Flying A Plane
Solution: Joystick

Question: He Sired A Child
Solution: Fathered

Question: In The Eye Of The Beholder Study Of Beauty
Solution: Kalology

Question: Jean Finnish Composer Of Kullervo
Solution: Sibelius

Question: Lisbeth A Girl With A Dragon Tattoo
Solution: Salander

Question: Mythological Daughter Of Oedipus And His Mother
Solution: Antigone

Question: Night Nocturnal Security Guard
Solution: Watchman

Question: Obi Wan Wants To Take Luke To In Episode 4
Solution: Alderaan

Question: Something That Does Not Consider Both Viewpoints
Solution: One sided

Question: Taking A Little Off The Top Or The Side
Solution: Trimming

Question: To Dwindle
Solution: Decrease

Question: Turkish Tribes From Here Founded Ottoman Empire
Solution: Anatolia

Question: Unpleasant Action Of Bees And Wasps
Solution: Stinging

Question: Fields Commemorative WWI Poppy Arrays
Solution: Flanders

Question: Moss F1 Driver With 212 Grand Prix Wins
Solution: Stirling

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