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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Bar Grogshop Saloon Cantina Cafe
Solution: Tavern

Question: Barley Bread From Libya
Solution: Bazeen

Question: Character Created By A A Milne The Pooh
Solution: Winnie

Question: Coulrophobia Is A Fear Of
Solution: Clowns

Question: Country Where El Greco Was Born
Solution: Greece

Question: Dictatorial Order
Solution: Diktat

Question: Diverse Not All The Same
Solution: Varied

Question: Grace Invented Early Computer Language A O
Solution: Hopper

Question: Henry Cromwells Son In Law And General
Solution: Ireton

Question: High Altitude Wispy Clouds
Solution: Cirrus

Question: Lapis Blue Gemstone Found In Afghanistan
Solution: Lazuli

Question: Lotion Or Emulsion To Darken Your Skin
Solution: Tanner

Question: Louisiana Lafyette Ragin Are In NCAA Division 1
Solution: Cajuns

Question: Muddy Blues Musician Of Hoochie Coochie Man
Solution: Waters

Question: Pilot Anagram Of Marina
Solution: Airman

Question: Real Name Of U2 Lead Singer Bono Paul
Solution: Hewson

Question: Roof Tiles
Solution: Slates

Question: Shelly Ann Pryce US Track Athlete
Solution: Fraser

Question: Slept For A Short While
Solution: Napped

Question: The Road To El US Drama With Kevin Kline
Solution: Dorado

Question: Workers Rights Groups
Solution: Unions

Question: Baker Miss Marple Friend Or A Fruity Delight
Solution: Cherry

Question: Page 1950s Pinup Inspired Hair Cut Style
Solution: Bettie

Question: Boots Robust Footwear For Tackling The Fells
Solution: Hiking

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