Codycross Casino Group 266 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: An Addicts Worst Friend
Solution: Enabler

Question: An Amount Of Electrical Power
Solution: Wattage

Question: Biggest City In US State Of Georgia
Solution: Atlanta

Question: Board Game With Brain Power Required
Solution: Cranium

Question: Construction Kit With Metal Strips Nuts And Bolts
Solution: Meccano

Question: Herbert Von Austrian Musical Conductor
Solution: Karajan

Question: Hoped
Solution: Aspired

Question: Ignatius Of Loyola Spanish Priest Founded These
Solution: Jesuits

Question: Investigating By Asking Questions Or Poking
Solution: Probing

Question: Judy Mother Of Liza Minnelli
Solution: Garland

Question: Recital
Solution: Concert

Question: Saint French Count Who Seemed To Be Immortal
Solution: Germain

Question: The State That Bernie Sanders Represents
Solution: Vermont

Question: To Disparage Someone
Solution: Put down

Question: To Elongate
Solution: Stretch

Question: Trimming Of Strands On Your Head
Solution: Haircut

Question: Vicomte Seducer In Book By Laclos
Solution: Valmont

Question: Will Plays The Title Character In Megamind
Solution: Ferrell

Question: Present Movie With Cary Grant
Solution: Wedding

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