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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Animal Whose Diet Is Only Or Mainly Other Animals
Solution: Carnivore

Question: Assembly Meeting Get Together
Solution: Gathering

Question: Backbones
Solution: Vertebrae

Question: Barcelona Public Gardens Designed By Gaudi
Solution: Park guell

Question: Classes Where Dogs Are Taught To Behave
Solution: Obedience

Question: Devastating Heartbreaking Events
Solution: Tragedies

Question: Festive Scene Encased In Liquid Filled Dome
Solution: Snow globe

Question: Irish Bread With Sultanas And Raisins
Solution: Barmbrack

Question: Journal For Sticking In Cuttings
Solution: Scrapbook

Question: Offense Committed On Race Or Religious Grounds
Solution: Hate crime

Question: Recreation Vehicle Brand
Solution: Winnebago

Question: Russian Author Boris Declined The Nobel Prize
Solution: Pasternak

Question: Study Focuses On The Nervous System
Solution: Neurology

Question: Swinging Device Marks Time In Music
Solution: Metronome

Question: Using Bizarre Illogical And Incoherent Settings
Solution: Absurdism

Question: World Record Breaking Marathon Runner Paula
Solution: Radcliffe

Question: Youll Find Autumn Berries In These Green Bushes
Solution: Hedgerows

Question: Wake James Joyces Final Work
Solution: Finnegans

Question: The Great 18th C King Of Prussia
Solution: Frederick

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