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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Ancient People Who Were The Original Mummifiers
Solution: Egyptians

Question: Animated Film About Ant Flik And His Friends
Solution: A bugs life

Question: Chant In Church Invented In The Middle Ages
Solution: Gregorian

Question: Czech Born Tennis Star Who Coached Andy Murray
Solution: Ivan lendl

Question: Elizabeth First Woman In US To Become A Doctor
Solution: Blackwell

Question: Ghastly Dreadful
Solution: Egregious

Question: Going With The Flow
Solution: Antegrade

Question: Long Serving Chairman Of Federal Reserve
Solution: Greenspan

Question: Man In The Moon With A Cream Cheese Hat
Solution: Aiken drum

Question: Scale Used To Measure Flux
Solution: Magnitude

Question: Sea That Surrounds The Island Of Cuba
Solution: Caribbean

Question: Welsh Fruit Loaf Aka Speckled Bread
Solution: Bara brith

Question: Method Studying The World Using The Senses
Solution: Empirical

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