Codycross Casino Group 262 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Disordered Weakened Or Unsound Condition
Solution: Sickness

Question: Also Called An Allure Battlement Passageway
Solution: Wall walk

Question: Amazon Lily
Solution: Eucharis

Question: Capital Of Vanuatu
Solution: Port vila

Question: Channels On The Radio
Solution: Stations

Question: Clamshell Fixing Used In Jewelry Making
Solution: Callotte

Question: Ethnic Groups Living Outside Their Homeland
Solution: Diaspora

Question: Everest
Solution: Mountain

Question: In Latin Phrase Meaning Not Present
Solution: Absentia

Question: Inessential Unnecessary
Solution: Needless

Question: Nickname Of Australian Swimming Great Ian
Solution: Thorpedo

Question: Nominated For Office Suggested
Solution: Proposed

Question: Sending An Electronic Communication
Solution: Emailing

Question: Shakespearean Actress From Poland Helena
Solution: Modjeska

Question: Small Oily Fish Sold In Oval Shaped Tins
Solution: Sardines

Question: Stronghold
Solution: Fortress

Question: Term For A Hoofed Mammal
Solution: Ungulate

Question: To Cut Down Expenses
Solution: Retrench

Question: Traditional Beliefs Customs And Stories
Solution: Folklore

Question: US Horror Comedy Film About Mogwai Pet
Solution: Gremlins

Question: Unsolicited Sales Attempt By Telephone
Solution: Cold call

Question: Via Sorrowful Route Taken By Jesus To Calvary
Solution: Dolorosa

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