Codycross Casino Group 261 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Song By Kiss From Album Unmasked
Solution: Naked city

Question: Australian Singer Of 1000 Forms Of Fear
Solution: Sia furler

Question: Collection Of Units Into A Body Mass Or Amount
Solution: Aggregate

Question: Dog Day Movie With Al Pacino As A Bank Robber
Solution: Afternoon

Question: Duchy In Central Germany In The Middle Ages
Solution: Franconia

Question: Empty Sea Vessel Wandering Without Control
Solution: Ghostship

Question: Intricate Set Of Passages Or Tunnels Maze
Solution: Labyrinth

Question: Microsoft Office DTP Program
Solution: Publisher

Question: Original Creation From The Use Of Imagination
Solution: Invention

Question: Quarterback Who Led The Saints To The Super Bowl
Solution: Drew brees

Question: Soft Washed Rind And Smear Ripened French Cheese
Solution: Reblochon

Question: South African Descended From Dutch Or French
Solution: Afrikaner

Question: Sweet Food Made From Cacao That Comes In Bars
Solution: Chocolate

Question: Sworn Signed Witnessed Statement Before A Court
Solution: Affidavit

Question: West Germanic Language From Dutch Vernacular
Solution: Afrikaans

Question: Wooden Boy
Solution: Pinocchio

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