Codycross Casino Group 261 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Pointed Post Stake Or Pale
Solution: Picket

Question: A Silhouette Or Dark Shape
Solution: Shadow

Question: Antonin Czech New World Symphony Composer
Solution: Dvořák

Question: Castle Strategically Surrounded By Water
Solution: Moated

Question: Close Set Bushes Form A Border Round A Garden
Solution: Hedges

Question: Estadio Metropolitano De Venezuela
Solution: Merida

Question: Feeling A Strong Dislike Towards Something
Solution: Averse

Question: French Fries In Frances Frites
Solution: Pommes

Question: Grounds And Tenancies Of A Very Large Property
Solution: Estate

Question: Incredibly Small Or Low In Number
Solution: Measly

Question: Mel Lethal Weapons Actor
Solution: Gibson

Question: Metal Coiled Spring That Travels Down Stairs
Solution: Slinky

Question: Mongrels
Solution: Scrubs

Question: Novel By Charles Dickens Twist
Solution: Oliver

Question: Of Or Relating To A Disease Or Its Characteristics
Solution: Morbid

Question: Paused To Recover
Solution: Rested

Question: Popular In High Middle Ages Knightly Sword
Solution: Arming

Question: Rusty Orange Hue
Solution: Auburn

Question: Sections Of A River With A Relatively Steep Slope
Solution: Rapids

Question: Something That Happens Each Year
Solution: Annual

Question: Sufficient Evidences For The Truth Of A Proposition
Solution: Proofs

Question: Switch That Changes Intensity Of Lights In A Room
Solution: Dimmer

Question: The Late Natasha Richardsons Husband Liam
Solution: Neeson

Question: Twin Of Pollux And Son Of Leda In Roman Mythology
Solution: Castor

Question: Type Of Wine Used In A Trifle
Solution: Sherry

Question: Farhi French Fashion Designer
Solution: Nicole

Question: Frites French Fries In France
Solution: Pommes

Question: Do You Speak French Vous Francais
Solution: Parlez

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