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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Aztec Method Of Agriculture On Rectangular Patches
Solution: Chinampa

Question: Bag Carried On Back By Walkers From German Words
Solution: Rucksack

Question: Belted Fish Are Bright Gold With Black Belt
Solution: Cardinal

Question: Clay Based Vases Bowls And Ornaments
Solution: Ceramics

Question: Elimination Game Based On Facial Features
Solution: Guess who

Question: European Crisp Sweetened Bread A Form Of Rusk
Solution: Zwieback

Question: Go All Out Like A Total Pig
Solution: Whole hog

Question: Hitting The Nail On The Head
Solution: Striking

Question: Kartvelian Language
Solution: Georgian

Question: Kick In Rugby That Scores Three Points
Solution: Drop goal

Question: Melville Novel With The Line Call Me Ishmael
Solution: Moby dick

Question: North Carolina State Are From Raleigh NC
Solution: Wolfpack

Question: Not Playing With A Lacking In Intelligence
Solution: Full deck

Question: Rupees Are Used In India And This Muslim Neighbor
Solution: Pakistan

Question: Sequence Of Percussive Beats Raising Anticipation
Solution: Drum roll

Question: Small Inflatable Boats Often Made Of Rubber
Solution: Dinghies

Question: Garner US Actress Of Alias And 13 Going On 30
Solution: Jennifer

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