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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Government Especially An Authoritarian One
Solution: Regime

Question: A Tradition Or Custom
Solution: Ritual

Question: Camila Cabello Young Thug Song About Cuban City
Solution: Havana

Question: Dawn Aussie Olympic Swimmer Of The 1950 60s
Solution: Fraser

Question: Giant Luxurious Residence Of A King And Queen
Solution: Castle

Question: Giant Luxurious Residence Of Royals
Solution: Castle

Question: Hammer With A Barrel Shaped Head
Solution: Mallet

Question: Home To So Many Philosophers
Solution: Greece

Question: Hormone That Helps To Regulate Energy Balance
Solution: Leptin

Question: Helena French Actress From Mid 1900s
Solution: Manson

Question: Lays Slogan Cant Eat Just One
Solution: Betcha

Question: Opposite Of Start
Solution: Finish

Question: Past Participle Of The Verb Fight
Solution: Fought

Question: Pasty Faced
Solution: Pallid

Question: Period When The Moon Visibly Increases In Size
Solution: Waxing

Question: Shakespearean Villain Iagos Murdered Wife
Solution: Emilia

Question: Spider Mans Mild Mannered Alter Ego
Solution: Parker

Question: Stadium Puskas Named After Hungarian Great
Solution: Ferenc

Question: The Lower Region Of The Spine Or Back
Solution: Lumbar

Question: US Vice President Who Won The Peace Prize In 2007
Solution: Al gore

Question: Hill Highest Point On Christmas Island
Solution: Murray

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