Codycross Campsite Adventures Group 831 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Campsite Adventures

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Codycross Campsite Adventures Answers

Question: A Place Where Beer Is Made And Sold
Solution: Brewery

Question: Country Bordering Luxembourg On The East
Solution: Germany

Question: Daily Process Repeated For Productivity And Health
Solution: Routine

Question: French Detective Created By Georges Simenon
Solution: Maigret

Question: Gila American Lizard With Toxic Saliva
Solution: Monster

Question: Green Sushi Ingredient Called Nori In Japanese
Solution: Seaweed

Question: Italian Astronomer Father Of Modern Physics
Solution: Galileo

Question: Multiple Options Like Which Restaurant To Go To
Solution: Choices

Question: Popular Old VWs
Solution: Beetles

Question: The Lightest Known Metal Used In Batteries
Solution: Lithium

Question: To Take An Image Record A Moment
Solution: Capture

Question: When Dining Partners Pay For Their Own Meal
Solution: Go dutch

Question: Sweep Dark First Footer With Coal
Solution: Chimney

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