Codycross Campsite Adventures Group 826 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Campsite Adventures Answers

Question: Dense Central Part Of An Atom
Solution: Nucleus

Question: Description Of Food Cooked On A Barbecue
Solution: Grilled

Question: Extra Additional Payments Above A Persons Salary
Solution: Bonuses

Question: Fire Breathing Crossbred Animal From Greek Myth
Solution: Chimera

Question: Isaac Russian Painter Of Autumn Day
Solution: Levitan

Question: Jennifer Grey Patrick Swayze Movie Dirty
Solution: Dancing

Question: Large Tube Carrying Air To And From The Lungs
Solution: Trachea

Question: Long Haired Domestic Cat Breed With Round Face
Solution: Persian

Question: Patrick Swayze Movie Dirty
Solution: Dancing

Question: Regular Feature On A Radio Show
Solution: Segment

Question: Singer Of Crazy In Love She Has A Lemonade Album
Solution: Beyonce

Question: Squishy Portable Seat Full Of Lentil Like Balls
Solution: Bean bag

Question: The Last Car Of A Train
Solution: Caboose

Question: The Residence Of The Pope
Solution: Vatican

Question: These Shakes Help With Muscle Mass
Solution: Protein

Question: Volcanic Icelandic Island Arrived Fully Formed
Solution: Surtsey

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