Codycross Brazilian Tour Group 780 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Brazilian Tour

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Codycross Brazilian Tour Answers

Question: Book That Contains Lists Of Synonyms
Solution: Thesaurus

Question: Destructive Storm Of Heavy Wind And Rain
Solution: Hurricane

Question: Dirtiness Filthiness
Solution: Griminess

Question: Feeling Of Love Offering Kisses And Tenderness
Solution: Affection

Question: Having Six Sides
Solution: Hexagonal

Question: Low Pitched Brass Instrument Like A Tuba
Solution: Euphonium

Question: Plaque On An Office For Giving Occupant Details
Solution: Nameplate

Question: Platform For Feeding Feathered Garden Visitors
Solution: Bird table

Question: SMERSH Operative With Dangerous Footwear
Solution: Rosa klebb

Question: Small Oven That Goes Ping
Solution: Microwave

Question: Smelly Prank Beloved Of Schoolkids
Solution: Stink bomb

Question: Sticky And Fruity They Used To Be Opal Fruits
Solution: Starburst

Question: Tall Top Hat Associated With Abraham Lincoln
Solution: Stovepipe

Question: The Most Prominent Fruity Person In A Group
Solution: Top banana

Question: Venice Citizen Who Explored North American Coast
Solution: John cabot

Question: When A Television Series Ends
Solution: Cancelled

Question: Where A Batter Heads After Hitting The Ball
Solution: First base

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