Codycross Brazilian Tour Group 778 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Brazilian Tour

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Codycross Brazilian Tour Answers

Question: AC Often Finds Trouble With Zack Morris
Solution: Slater

Question: Breakfast Food Made With A Honeycomb Shaped Iron
Solution: Waffle

Question: Brendan Frasers Character George Hung Out Here
Solution: Jungle

Question: Challenging Activity Such As A Rubiks Cube
Solution: Puzzle

Question: Charm That Brings Good Luck
Solution: Amulet

Question: Dancing Penguin In Happy Feet
Solution: Mumble

Question: Dior Perfume In Purple Bottle Sounds Toxic
Solution: Poison

Question: Hood Of A Car Or The Hat Worn At Easter
Solution: Bonnet

Question: Instrument Sometimes Called A Fiddle
Solution: Violin

Question: Performances By Evel Knievel
Solution: Stunts

Question: Sea Mammals With Blue Sperm And Humpback Types
Solution: Whales

Question: Sharp Or Quick Witted
Solution: Clever

Question: Short Song Used In An Advertisement
Solution: Jingle

Question: Small Recessed Section Of A Room
Solution: Alcove

Question: Sounds Reverberating In Caves Or Wide Open Spaces
Solution: Echoes

Question: South American Country With Carnival Celebrations
Solution: Brazil

Question: Wall Is A Famous One In New York City
Solution: Street

Question: Yelled Warning Of A Falling Tree By Lumberjacks
Solution: Timber

Question: Shrine Basilica And Colonnade In Portugal
Solution: Fatima

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