Codycross Brazilian Tour Group 763 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Brazilian Tour

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Codycross Brazilian Tour Answers

Question: Active Text On A Webpage That Leads To Other Pages
Solution: Hyperlink

Question: An Original Signature From A Famous Person
Solution: Autograph

Question: Area Outside Of A Drivers Field Of Vision
Solution: Blind spot

Question: Belgian Cheese With Distinctive Strong Smell
Solution: Limburger

Question: Breaking Headline On TV That Usually Interrupts
Solution: News flash

Question: Darwins Theory Of Ancestry Through All Species
Solution: Evolution

Question: He Won An Oscar For Playing Ray Charles In 2004
Solution: Jamie foxx

Question: Person Who Misappropriates Money
Solution: Embezzler

Question: South African Language With Dutch Origins
Solution: Afrikaans

Question: The World Has 7 Expanses Of Land With This Name
Solution: Continent

Question: Wooden Shelled Instruments Used In Flamenco Music
Solution: Castanets

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