Codycross Australia Group 1020 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: Another Word For A Rhytidectomy
Solution: Facelift

Question: Bright Blue Precious Stone A Form Of Corundum
Solution: Sapphire

Question: Chateau De French Palace Of Francis I
Solution: Chambord

Question: Chris Martin Is The Lead Singer Of This Band
Solution: Coldplay

Question: Clarice In Silence Of The Lambs
Solution: Starling

Question: Country That Controlled Macau Until 1999
Solution: Portugal

Question: Cute Short Female Hairstyle With Fringe
Solution: Pixie cut

Question: Erich Communist Leader Of The DDR 1971 89
Solution: Honecker

Question: Fermented Tea Drink For Health Benefits
Solution: Kombucha

Question: Large American Amphibian
Solution: Bullfrog

Question: Michael Author Of Jurassic Park And Disclosure
Solution: Crichton

Question: Moving Belt With Passenger Luggage At An Airport
Solution: Conveyor

Question: Musical Featuring ABBA Songs
Solution: Mamma mia

Question: Photographic Company Known For Its Instant Cameras
Solution: Polaroid

Question: Public Art Or Lettering Often Painted Onto Walls
Solution: Graffiti

Question: The Aussie Train From Melbourne To Adelaide
Solution: Overland

Question: The Science Of Classifying Living Things
Solution: Taxonomy

Question: Used A Ruler To Find The Length Of Something
Solution: Measured

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