Codycross Australia Group 1020 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: A Quick Test To Look For A Medical Condition
Solution: Screening

Question: Country In Which You Can Visit The Nullarbor Plain
Solution: Australia

Question: Crop Gatherer
Solution: Harvester

Question: Facebook Agricultural Game Discontinued In 2020
Solution: Farmville

Question: Fast Food Joint Where You Dont Leave Your Vehicle
Solution: Drive thru

Question: It Ends A Game Of Chess
Solution: Checkmate

Question: Knut World Famous Former Resident Of Berlin Zoo
Solution: Polar bear

Question: Legendary Giant Said To Be Buried Below Mount Etna
Solution: Enceladus

Question: Matt Damons Massachusetts Home City
Solution: Cambridge

Question: Pseudonym Of An Actor
Solution: Stage name

Question: RB Singer Of Stormy Weather And Album At Last
Solution: Etta james

Question: Retained Like Energy Remaining Constant
Solution: Conserved

Question: Substance Making Up An Ocean
Solution: Saltwater

Question: Unexpected Turn Of Events In A Film Or Book
Solution: Plot twist

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