Codycross Australia Group 1019 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: Accept Too Many Reservations For A Flight
Solution: Overbook

Question: Acting Siblings Patricia David And Rosanna
Solution: Arquette

Question: Any Anatomical Passage Moving Air Into The Lungs
Solution: Bronchus

Question: Author Of Interview With The Vampire
Solution: Anne rice

Question: Blu Sang Breathe With Sean Paul
Solution: Cantrell

Question: Changed Or Altered
Solution: Modified

Question: Cruz Who Starred In Vanilla Sky Sahara
Solution: Penelope

Question: Fried Dessert Made Famous By Krispy Kreme
Solution: Doughnut

Question: Island In Venices Lagoon
Solution: Giudecca

Question: It Was The Capital Of Turkey Until 1923
Solution: Istanbul

Question: Ringing In The Ears
Solution: Tinnitus

Question: Rotating Car Engine Part That Works Valves
Solution: Camshaft

Question: Sport The MLB Starts Playing In Spring
Solution: Baseball

Question: Surname Of Peaky Blinders Gang Leader Alfie
Solution: Solomons

Question: Travel Bag To Hold Clothes And Belongings
Solution: Suitcase

Question: Mundi Disputed Painting Said To Be By Leonardo
Solution: Salvator

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