Codycross Australia Group 1018 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: Anton Swiss Chef Previously At The Dorchester
Solution: Mosimann

Question: Bloodsport And Kickboxer Actor Jean Claude
Solution: Van damme

Question: Capital Of Finland Host Of The 1952 Olympics
Solution: Helsinki

Question: Deep Pocket In Magicians Jacket
Solution: Profonde

Question: Deeply Felt Relating To Internal Organs
Solution: Visceral

Question: Earring Or Eyebrow Stud For Example
Solution: Piercing

Question: English Equivalent Of The French Name Dieudonne
Solution: Theodore

Question: Get Knots Out Of Hair
Solution: Detangle

Question: Gillian Flynns 2012 Psychological Thriller
Solution: Gone girl

Question: He Sang Wonderful World And Cupid
Solution: Sam cooke

Question: Last Minute Nerves Before A Major Event
Solution: Cold feet

Question: Legal Term For An Unpredictable Natural Event
Solution: Act of god

Question: Nationality Of Track And Field Star Jermaine Brown
Solution: Jamaican

Question: Nintendo Game With Ink Firing Squid
Solution: Splatoon

Question: Office Machine That Rips Paper Into Tiny Pieces
Solution: Shredder

Question: Plastic Substance Patented In 1909
Solution: Bakelite

Question: Roman Temple To All The Gods
Solution: Pantheon

Question: Room Or Closet Where Clothes Are Kept
Solution: Wardrobe

Question: Selina Kyle Feline Obsessed Batman Villain
Solution: Catwoman

Question: Totally Normal Unexceptional
Solution: Ordinary

Question: Frankie TV Show With Jane Fonda Lily Tomlin
Solution: Grace and

Question: Gillette Invented And Named A Brand Of Razor
Solution: King camp

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