Codycross Australia Group 1018 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: Another Name For Skipjack Tuna
Solution: Bonito

Question: Critical Ingredient In A Manicure Or Pedicure
Solution: Polish

Question: First Emperor Of China
Solution: Qin shi

Question: Monopoly Card Alongside Community Chest
Solution: Chance

Question: Rupert Who Played Peter Quinn In Homeland
Solution: Friend

Question: Sarah Koenig Podcast About Adnan Syed
Solution: Serial

Question: Secret Code
Solution: Cipher

Question: She Sings Without Me Be Kind And Eastside
Solution: Halsey

Question: Supernatural Beings That Grant Wishes
Solution: Genies

Question: The Walls In A Room Meet Here
Solution: Corner

Question: Third Largest Country In North America
Solution: Mexico

Question: Word Used To Describe Resorts That Court The Rich
Solution: Luxury

Question: Writer Enid Who Created The Famous Five
Solution: Blyton

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