Codycross Australia Group 1017 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: A Rich Jam Like Sauce Served With Indian Food
Solution: Chutney

Question: American Actor Dawson Starred In Rent Daredevil
Solution: Rosario

Question: Augusts Green Birthstone
Solution: Peridot

Question: Country North Of Latvia And West Of Russia
Solution: Estonia

Question: Forest Sleepers
Solution: Campers

Question: Game Of Chance Where Players Throw Five Dice
Solution: Yahtzee

Question: Japanese Art Of Creating Fish Prints
Solution: Gyotaku

Question: Jewish School For The Study Of Religious Texts
Solution: Yeshiva

Question: Marvels Master Of The Mystic Arts Doctor
Solution: Strange

Question: Narrator Of The Outsiders
Solution: Ponyboy

Question: South African Antelope With White Facial Stripe
Solution: Blesbok

Question: TV Detective Monk Is Often This
Solution: Worried

Question: This Region Of Italy Includes Florence And Pisa
Solution: Tuscany

Question: Steve Vocalist And Guitarist Born Steve Wold
Solution: Seasick

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