Codycross Australia Group 1016 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: A Shot Of Coffee Poured Over A Scoop Of Ice Cream
Solution: Affogato

Question: A Three Lobed Clover And A Shade Of Green
Solution: Shamrock

Question: Anne Of The Devil Wears Prada And Les Miserables
Solution: Hathaway

Question: Benny Was In This 60s Swedish Pop Group Pre ABBA
Solution: Hep stars

Question: Horizontal Part Of A Bike Frame Below The Saddle
Solution: Crossbar

Question: Large Mammal That Is Said To Never Forget
Solution: Elephant

Question: Leading Airline Or Project
Solution: Flagship

Question: Liquid Soap
Solution: Handwash

Question: Medieval Weapons Affixed To End Of A Wooden Shaft
Solution: Polearms

Question: Meeting The Conditions For A Contest
Solution: Eligible

Question: Outtakes Clips Of Mistakes Caught On Camera
Solution: Bloopers

Question: Scottish Mountain Near Fort William
Solution: Ben nevis

Question: Sweater Relative With An Open Front
Solution: Cardigan

Question: The Ship Bound For America In The Novel Kidnapped
Solution: Covenant

Question: UK Playwright Behind 1969s What The Butler Saw
Solution: Joe orton

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