Codycross Australia Group 1015 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: Animals That Are Active During The Daytime
Solution: Diurnal

Question: Close But Nearly There But Not Quite
Solution: No cigar

Question: Fill With Great Delight Cast A Spell Over Someone
Solution: Enchant

Question: French Dept In Grand Est Name Means Lower Rhine
Solution: Bas rhin

Question: Lisa Author Of Hello Stranger Devil In Spring
Solution: Kleypas

Question: Mexican Film Director Of Roma And Gravity Cuaron
Solution: Alfonso

Question: Mid Range Hotel Chain With M Logo
Solution: Mercure

Question: Opening In A Garment That Hides Buttonholes
Solution: Placket

Question: Painting Or Photograph Of A Scene Telling A Story
Solution: Tableau

Question: Put Money Into A Bank Account
Solution: Deposited

Question: Saint Whose Day Is On July 15 A Rainy Day
Solution: Swithin

Question: Sandstone Delhi Landmark Built For Mughal Emperors
Solution: Red fort

Question: Sign This Ledger To Record Where Youve Been
Solution: Logbook

Question: Thick Dark Liquid In Medicated Soap Or Shampoo
Solution: Coal tar

Question: Thomas Archbishop Of Canterbury 1533 56
Solution: Cranmer

Question: Those Who Discriminate On The Basis Of Gender
Solution: Sexists

Question: Throwing Hurling
Solution: Tossing

Question: Utensils For Taking Skin Off Potatoes
Solution: Peelers

Question: Sauce Fish Accompaniment Made With Green Herb
Solution: Parsley

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