Codycross Australia Group 1015 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: Author Of All Quiet On The Western Front
Solution: Remarque

Question: Body That Protects Consumer Rights
Solution: Watchdog

Question: Comic Book That Came Before Doomsday Clock
Solution: Watchmen

Question: Defensive Stockade For A Military Camp
Solution: Palisade

Question: Dustin Hoffman In A 1967 Movie
Solution: Graduate

Question: Eight Legged Horse In Norse Mythology
Solution: Sleipnir

Question: General Name For A Creature That Preys On Others
Solution: Predator

Question: Giant Ancient Reptile Anagram Of Rain Duos
Solution: Dinosaur

Question: Idle Lazy Good For Nothing Person
Solution: Layabout

Question: Lambic Beer With This Fruit Is Known As Kriek
Solution: Cherries

Question: Measure Of Salts In Water As In Desert Areas
Solution: Salinity

Question: New Year Celebrated By Sikhs And Hindus
Solution: Baisakhi

Question: Photographs Made On Thin Sheets Of Metal
Solution: Tintypes

Question: Refuse To Let Someone In Deny Admittance
Solution: Turn away

Question: Singer Of Wuthering Heights And Hounds Of Love
Solution: Kate bush

Question: Smock Like Vestment Worn By The Clergy
Solution: Surplice

Question: Sport Combining Cross Country Skiing And Shooting
Solution: Biathlon

Question: TV Title Character Who Builds Tools From Junk
Solution: Macgyver

Question: The Beckham Also Known As Posh Spice
Solution: Victoria

Question: The Chemical Element Represented By The Symbol W
Solution: Tungsten

Question: These Are Flicked To Turn On Lights
Solution: Switches

Question: Thick Medicated Cream Rubbed Onto Sore Skin
Solution: Ointment

Question: Use Of Marionettes Or Characters On Fingers
Solution: Puppetry

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