Codycross Australia Group 1014 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: 1853 Bronte Novel Narrated By Lucy Snowe
Solution: Villette

Question: Always The Same Remaining On All The Time
Solution: Constant

Question: Bronze Alloy Also Known As Red Brass
Solution: Gun metal

Question: Chiseled Carved
Solution: Sculpted

Question: Dance Moms Star Who Gave Us Boomerang
Solution: Jojo siwa

Question: Office Design With Cubicles Not Closed Rooms
Solution: Open plan

Question: Regency Salon With Green Baize Tables
Solution: Card room

Question: Singer Who Had A Hit With Hold Back The River
Solution: James bay

Question: Swedish Environmental Activist Greta
Solution: Thunberg

Question: The French Jail At Middle Of The Revolution
Solution: Bastille

Question: This Fish Is One Of The Main Sources Of Caviar
Solution: Sturgeon

Question: Uma Thurmans Character In Kill Bill
Solution: The bride

Question: You Have A Chip On It If You Bear A Grudge
Solution: Shoulder

Question: Lights Atmospheric Marvel Aka Aurora Borealis
Solution: Northern

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