Codycross Australia Group 1014 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: A Butterfly Shaped Gland In The Front Of The Neck
Solution: Thyroid

Question: Animals That Are Also Known As Asses
Solution: Donkeys

Question: Argentine Painter Berni Flirted With Surrealism
Solution: Antonio

Question: Billie Singer Whose Real Name Was Eleanora Fagan
Solution: Holiday

Question: Chicken Frying Colonel
Solution: Sanders

Question: Christopher Robin Pooh Played In This Acre Wood
Solution: Hundred

Question: Country Where Norman Manley Airport Is Located
Solution: Jamaica

Question: Free Drinks For All At A Wedding Reception
Solution: Open bar

Question: Louis XIVs French Royal House
Solution: Bourbon

Question: Paris London Milan And New York Fashion Weeks
Solution: Big four

Question: Sewing Up Holes In Socks Elbows
Solution: Darning

Question: Taxes On Imports Or Exports
Solution: Tariffs

Question: The Italian Word For Venice
Solution: Venezia

Question: This German City Is Europes Third Busiest Port
Solution: Hamburg

Question: Wind Beneath My Wings Featured In This Film
Solution: Beaches

Question: Brown Charles M Schulzs Loveable Loser
Solution: Charlie

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