Codycross Australia Group 1013 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: Batman Character Whose Real Name Is Barbara Gordon
Solution: Batgirl

Question: Collided Banged Into Another Vehicle
Solution: Pranged

Question: Cut Scene From Broadcast Footage
Solution: Outtake

Question: Filled Steamed Bread Balls In Chinese Cuisine
Solution: Bao buns

Question: Foldable Waterproof Garments For Rainy Days
Solution: Ponchos

Question: Hairs That Stand Up On The Back Due To Nerves
Solution: Hackles

Question: Homer Marge Bart And Lisas Surname
Solution: Simpson

Question: Hotel Worker Who Carries Guests Luggage
Solution: Bellboy

Question: How Play Restarts After Rugby Ball Goes Into Touch
Solution: Line out

Question: Kris The Lead Character In Miracle On 34th Street
Solution: Kringle

Question: Maiden Name Of The Linda Who Wed Paul McCartney
Solution: Eastman

Question: Silly Pranks And Tricks
Solution: Hijinks

Question: St Patron Saint Of Pisa Not Leicester
Solution: Ranieri

Question: There Are 60 Of Them In One Minute
Solution: Seconds

Question: Video Sharing Site With Lots Of Vloggers
Solution: Youtube

Question: Westernmost Country In Africa
Solution: Senegal

Question: What An Equivocator Is Doing About The Bush
Solution: Beating

Question: Word Repeated Four Times In A James Figurine Album
Solution: Mistake

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