Codycross Australia Group 1013 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: A Four Leafed One Is Said To Be Lucky
Solution: Clover

Question: Artist Jose Guadalupe Created The Catrina
Solution: Posada

Question: Classic Magic User In DD
Solution: Wizard

Question: Coulrophobia Is A Fear Of These Red Nosed Comics
Solution: Clowns

Question: Describes A Stare As Hard As Metal
Solution: Steely

Question: Fanny English Diarist Aka Madame DArblay
Solution: Burney

Question: Hagia Ancient Turkish Church And Mosque
Solution: Sophia

Question: Having Low Levels Of Red Blood Cells Or Hemoglobin
Solution: Anemia

Question: Impractical TV Series With Dares And Pranks
Solution: Jokers

Question: Internet Superstore Founded By Jeff Bezos
Solution: Amazon

Question: Pail Used For Carrying Water Or Mixing Concrete
Solution: Bucket

Question: Stage Name Of Performer Claire Elise Boucher
Solution: Grimes

Question: The Android Avenger
Solution: Vision

Question: Walking In The Wilderness Rambling
Solution: Hiking

Question: Wealthy Sultanate On Borneo
Solution: Brunei

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