Codycross Australia Group 1012 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: Actor Schilling Orange Is The New Blacks Piper
Solution: Taylor

Question: An Ill Intentioned Person Dennis The
Solution: Menace

Question: Hiro Hamadas Personal Healthcare Companion
Solution: Baymax

Question: Mischievous Girl Of Beverly Clearys Book Series
Solution: Ramona

Question: Norwegian Hanseatic City For Visiting Cruise Ships
Solution: Bergen

Question: Take A Casual Look Around A Store
Solution: Browse

Question: Taste Of Bananas Oranges Or Cherries
Solution: Fruity

Question: Ted CNN Mogul And Americas Cup Skipper
Solution: Turner

Question: The Biggest Hit Song By Colbie Caillat
Solution: Bubbly

Question: Trimming Ones Lawn
Solution: Mowing

Question: White Touch Outer Casing Of The Eyeball
Solution: Sclera

Question: Winged Snake On An Egyptian Pharaohs Crown
Solution: Wadjet

Question: Zebras Are Known For This Black And White Pattern
Solution: Stripe

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