Codycross Australia Group 1012 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: A Type Of Sausage Named After An Italian City
Solution: Bologna

Question: American Comedian Amy In The Film Trainwreck
Solution: Schumer

Question: At The Start Of A Flight You Prepare For
Solution: Takeoff

Question: Cable That Restores Power To A Portable Battery
Solution: Charger

Question: Elizabeth Or Miller For Example
Solution: Shannon

Question: First US City To Host The Olympic Games
Solution: St louis

Question: Frozen Floating Sheet
Solution: Ice floe

Question: Mixture Of A Liquid And Tiny Particles
Solution: Colloid

Question: Mother Of Persephone In Greek Mythology
Solution: Demeter

Question: Ocean In Which The Battle Of Midway Took Place
Solution: Pacific

Question: Southern Portuguese Coast Popular With Tourists
Solution: Algarve

Question: TV Show About The Devil As An LAPD Consultant
Solution: Lucifer

Question: The Ilium Ischium And Pubis Combined
Solution: Hipbone

Question: This Domestic Companion Was Mineral Not Animal
Solution: Pet rock

Question: Tropical Trees With Aerial Roots
Solution: Banyans

Question: Working Out Selling Costs For Goods
Solution: Pricing

Question: Will Give Health To The Sick Kahlo Artwork
Solution: Marxism

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