Codycross Australia Group 1011 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: Alexander Graham Bell Was The First To Patent It
Solution: Telephone

Question: Ancestors Predecessors
Solution: Forebears

Question: Biological Rhythms That Occur In Daily Cycles
Solution: Circadian

Question: Fabric Protector Mops Up Foaming Pints At The Bar
Solution: Beer towel

Question: Hard Brown Seed Filled Growths On Conifer Trees
Solution: Pinecones

Question: Health For Characters In Games
Solution: Hit points

Question: She Wrote The God Of Small Things Roy
Solution: Arundhati

Question: South African Province Formerly With Orange Name
Solution: Free state

Question: The Los Angeles Area Where Movies Are Made
Solution: Hollywood

Question: Train Carriage For Snacks And Drinks
Solution: Buffet car

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