Codycross Australia Group 1010 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: A Drawn Out Boring Account
Solution: Megillah

Question: A Sharp Difference Such As Day And Night
Solution: Contrast

Question: Debbie Author Of Cedar Cove Romances
Solution: Macomber

Question: Final Pokemon Form Of Abra With IQ Of Over 5000
Solution: Alakazam

Question: First Little Piggys Destination In The Rhyme
Solution: To market

Question: He Plays Logan Roy In Succession
Solution: Brian cox

Question: Irish County Or British Politician Lord
Solution: Longford

Question: Its The V In MVP Most Player
Solution: Valuable

Question: Large Dishes For Shared Meals
Solution: Platters

Question: Lupine Group
Solution: Wolf pack

Question: Meteors Are Also Known As This Kind Of Star
Solution: Shooting

Question: Person Who Delivers A Religious Sermon
Solution: Preacher

Question: Popular Kids Christmas Tradition Elf On
Solution: The shelf

Question: Richard Actor Who Played Thorin In The Hobbit
Solution: Armitage

Question: Smoke Outlets On Rooftops
Solution: Chimneys

Question: Term Of Endearment For A Small Cheeky Child
Solution: Munchkin

Question: The Scar Where The Umbilical Cord Was Attached
Solution: Omphalos

Question: Man Archaeological Hoax Found In Sussex
Solution: Piltdown

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