Codycross Australia Group 1010 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: Bob Marley Song Of 1977
Solution: Jamming

Question: Country Of Celtic Origin With The Language Gaelic
Solution: Ireland

Question: Drawings Found In Prehistoric Dwellings
Solution: Cave art

Question: Eldest Son Of Gomez And Morticia Addams
Solution: Pugsley

Question: Energy Drink Said To Give You Wings
Solution: Red bull

Question: Foreshadowing Signs Omens
Solution: Ostents

Question: Game Involving Wickets Mallets And Heavy Balls
Solution: Croquet

Question: Hostess Frosting Filled Cake Said To Last Forever
Solution: Twinkie

Question: How A Cheese Filled Pizza Crust Might Be Described
Solution: Stuffed

Question: In The Space Separating Two Objects
Solution: Betwixt

Question: Monet Famously Painted His Own Garden Here
Solution: Giverny

Question: No Through Road
Solution: Dead end

Question: Popular Style Of Wire Framed Sunglasses
Solution: Aviator

Question: Protection Extort Money Out Of Business Owners
Solution: Rackets

Question: Provoke Disturb
Solution: Agitate

Question: Religious Society Of Friends Members
Solution: Quakers

Question: Sally Blue Car In Cars Movie
Solution: Carrera

Question: Set Of Jokes Or Gags Told By A Stand Up Comedian
Solution: Routine

Question: Stheno Euryale And Medusa In Greek Mythology
Solution: Gorgons

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