Codycross Australia Group 1010 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: 2019 Hit For Post Malone And Young Thug
Solution: Goodbyes

Question: Bottom Cheeks Forrest Gump Was Shot Directly Here
Solution: Buttocks

Question: Classic Story Of The Boy Who Wouldnt Grow Up
Solution: Peter pan

Question: Crown Wearing Carnival Ruler In Brazil
Solution: King momo

Question: Doctor Greys First Name In Greys Anatomy
Solution: Meredith

Question: Droit De Feudal Right Over Newly Married Women
Solution: Seigneur

Question: Epic Poem Of Ancient India Written In Sanskrit
Solution: Ramayana

Question: In Houses Level Spaces At The Top Of Staircases
Solution: Landings

Question: Its The Most Frequently Struck Key On A Keyboard
Solution: Space bar

Question: James Thinker Who Proposed The Gaia Theory
Solution: Lovelock

Question: Jane Goodall Is An Expert On These Animals
Solution: Primates

Question: Movie The College Friends Reunite For Funeral
Solution: Big chill

Question: Salad Side Dish Of Raw Shredded Cabbage And Carrot
Solution: Coleslaw

Question: Stray Feline Living In Urban Back Streets
Solution: Alley cat

Question: Supporter Of The Womens Equality Movement
Solution: Feminist

Question: The Periodic Table Is Full Of Them
Solution: Elements

Question: Worn Down At The Heels Careless Slapdash
Solution: Slipshod

Question: Bin Zayed Stadium Al Jazira Clubs Home Ground
Solution: Mohammed

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