Codycross Australia Group 1009 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: 8 Sided Shape
Solution: Octagon

Question: A Town In England And The Capital Of Nova Scotia
Solution: Halifax

Question: American Writer Of Essays Nature And Self Reliance
Solution: Emerson

Question: Comedy About Mob Boss And Psychiatrist This
Solution: Analyze

Question: Country That Spawned The Rubiks Cube
Solution: Hungary

Question: Famous Surviving Portrait Of William Shakespeare
Solution: Chandos

Question: Main Pack Of Riders In A Bicycle Road Race
Solution: Peloton

Question: Mixed Up Animal Characters Eg Bumblelion
Solution: Wuzzles

Question: One Who Sails On A Large Personal Cruise Ship
Solution: Yachter

Question: Peruvian Dish With Raw Fish Soaked In Citrus Juice
Solution: Ceviche

Question: President Whose First Lady Was Known As Ladybird
Solution: Johnson

Question: Singer Whose Albums Include Lemonade And 4
Solution: Beyonce

Question: Small Smooth Stones On A Beach
Solution: Pebbles

Question: You And Gossip Girl Actor Penn
Solution: Badgley

Question: Point Place Offering A Good Clear View
Solution: Vantage

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