Codycross Australia Group 1009 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: A Hugely Tall Monstrous Female An Ogress
Solution: Giantess

Question: Actress Joan Known For Her Feud With Bette Davis
Solution: Crawford

Question: African Stork Like Bird Named For Its Huge Beak
Solution: Shoebill

Question: Cambodian Tourist Hotspot Near Angkor Temples
Solution: Siem reap

Question: Entire Pig Cooked On A Rotating Spit
Solution: Hog roast

Question: Flamboyant Pianist Known As Mister Showmanship
Solution: Liberace

Question: How Busy You Are In Your Job From Day To Day
Solution: Workload

Question: It Puts The N In The Gas NO2
Solution: Nitrogen

Question: Penny Spooky Series Starring Timothy Dalton
Solution: Dreadful

Question: She Dated Cedric Diggory Before Kissing Harry
Solution: Cho chang

Question: Special Event Or Celebration
Solution: Occasion

Question: The R In RD Where The D Is Development
Solution: Research

Question: The Aftereffects Of Drinking Alcohol
Solution: Hangover

Question: Unable To Move Or Motionless
Solution: Immobile

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