Codycross Australia Group 1009 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: An Officer And A 1982 Romantic Drama
Solution: Gentleman

Question: Bernie Taupin Is This Music Legends Lyric Writer
Solution: Elton john

Question: Destination For Frodo In His Quest To Destroy Ring
Solution: Mount doom

Question: Experience As If You Are Floating Above Yourself
Solution: Out of body

Question: Its The Worlds Northernmost Capital
Solution: Reykjavik

Question: Like A Lawn That Hasnt Been Mowed In A While
Solution: Overgrown

Question: Metal Fastening For Diyers That Divides In Two
Solution: Split pins

Question: Scuttling Winged Household Pest
Solution: Cockroach

Question: Small Particles Like Muon Neutrinos Electrons
Solution: Subatomic

Question: Superhero Raised By His Uncle Ben And Aunt May
Solution: Spider man

Question: Swimming Race In Which Any Stroke Is Permissible
Solution: Freestyle

Question: The Promenade Where Cannes Film Festival Is Held
Solution: Croisette

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