Codycross Australia Group 1008 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: 2019 Novel By Hannibal Lecter Author Thomas Harris
Solution: Cari mora

Question: Ace Capcom Adventure Video Game
Solution: Attorney

Question: Advancement Toward A Goal
Solution: Progress

Question: Ancient City In Mali
Solution: Timbuktu

Question: Barry Humphries Female Comic Persona
Solution: Dame edna

Question: Bright Daytime That Kills Vampires
Solution: Sunlight

Question: British King Who Died In February 1952
Solution: George vi

Question: Cartoon About The Bewilderment Of Puberty
Solution: Big mouth

Question: Construction Material Made With Liquid Cement
Solution: Concrete

Question: Counterbalanced Structures Like Drawbridges
Solution: Bascules

Question: Country Whose National Airline Is Called TAP
Solution: Portugal

Question: Facial Area Between The Eyes And Hairline
Solution: Forehead

Question: Global Criminal Investigations Force
Solution: Interpol

Question: Gothic English Architectural Support In Cathedrals
Solution: Fan vault

Question: Infant Incarnation Of Pediophobic Fright
Solution: Baby doll

Question: Lars Danish Director Of Breaking The Waves
Solution: Von trier

Question: Low Pitched Instrumental Melody Of A Song
Solution: Bassline

Question: Midwest US State Home To St Louis
Solution: Missouri

Question: Pop Up City Skating Venues
Solution: Ice rinks

Question: Rated To Have A Considerable Chance Of Danger
Solution: High risk

Question: Sneaks Goods Over A Border
Solution: Smuggles

Question: Sparkly Rhinestone Gem
Solution: Diamante

Question: Spring Flower That Is A National Symbol Of Wales
Solution: Daffodil

Question: Substance That Speeds Up A Reaction
Solution: Catalyst

Question: Wake Up Substance In Tea Coffee Energy Drinks
Solution: Caffeine

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