Codycross Australia Group 1007 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: 2014 Movie Starring Miles Teller As A Drummer
Solution: Whiplash

Question: American Psychologist TED Talker On Power Posing
Solution: Amy cuddy

Question: Comfortable Upholstered Seat For One Person
Solution: Armchair

Question: Ham And Pineapple Pizza
Solution: Hawaiian

Question: Happy Upbeat
Solution: Cheerful

Question: His Canterbury Tale Was About A Black Crow
Solution: Manciple

Question: Hurdle Or Encumbrance In The Way Of A Sportsperson
Solution: Obstacle

Question: Large Tropical Island Off The South Coast Of India
Solution: Sri lanka

Question: Photo Taken Quickly And Casually
Solution: Snapshot

Question: Pressures Aggressively
Solution: Harasses

Question: Relating To The Heart Arteries
Solution: Coronary

Question: South American Rodent Like A Chinchilla
Solution: Viscacha

Question: Square Root Of 361
Solution: Nineteen

Question: Stage Musical Based On A Monty Python Story
Solution: Spamalot

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