Codycross Australia Group 1007 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: Artist Who Painted The Art Of Painting In 1668
Solution: Vermeer

Question: Birds Of A A Similar Or Like Minded Group
Solution: Feather

Question: Botanical Name For The Stem Or Stalk Of A Leaf
Solution: Petiole

Question: Dail Lower House Of Irelands Parliament
Solution: Eireann

Question: Edith Who Won A Pulitzer For The Age Of Innocence
Solution: Wharton

Question: First British Astronaut To Visit MIR Space Station
Solution: Sharman

Question: Hilary Swank Film Dollar Baby
Solution: Million

Question: Inhale And Exhale
Solution: Breathe

Question: Lamborghini 4WD Model Released In 2014
Solution: Huracan

Question: Official Tournament Ranking List In Sumo Wrestling
Solution: Banzuke

Question: Oral Symptom Of Tetanus
Solution: Lockjaw

Question: Sam Shouty Beret Wearing Comic
Solution: Kinison

Question: Style Of Fur Hat With Ear Flaps
Solution: Trapper

Question: Symbol Verifying A Websites Secure Certificate
Solution: Padlock

Question: The Stars Henry Cavill As A Monster Hunter
Solution: Witcher

Question: Your Hand Tpau Classic Ballad
Solution: China in

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