Codycross Australia Group 1006 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: Campervan With Mobile Living Accommodation
Solution: Motorhome

Question: Country In Which Mogul Rupert Murdoch Was Born
Solution: Australia

Question: Element With The Atomic Symbol K
Solution: Potassium

Question: Fixing Broken Computer Code
Solution: Debugging

Question: Jamaica And Barbados Are In This Sea
Solution: Caribbean

Question: Lonely Card Game For A Single Player
Solution: Solitaire

Question: Moscow Art Gallery
Solution: Tretjakov

Question: Pink Floyds Unintelligible Album Title Of 1969
Solution: Ummagumma

Question: Posh Word For Drinks
Solution: Beverages

Question: Romance Novelist Who Wrote The Duchess Deal
Solution: Tessa dare

Question: Sara Popstar Who Wrote The Musical Waitress
Solution: Bareilles

Question: Whetstone To Knives
Solution: Sharpener

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