Codycross Australia Group 1006 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Australia

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Codycross Australia Answers

Question: A Chess Position Where Every Available Move Is Bad
Solution: Zugzwang

Question: David Star Of The X Files And Californication
Solution: Duchovny

Question: Downward Journeys Final Parts Of Flights
Solution: Descents

Question: He Sold His Music To Universal For 300m In 2020
Solution: Bob dylan

Question: Lively Frisky
Solution: Spirited

Question: Long Horned Antelopes Of Africa And Asia
Solution: Gazelles

Question: New York Artist Who Died In 1988 Aged Just 27
Solution: Basquiat

Question: One Individual Beat Of A Word
Solution: Syllable

Question: Prominent 11th Century Hindu Theologian
Solution: Ramanuja

Question: Relationship Of The Marxes Stars Of Duck Soup
Solution: Brothers

Question: Smaller Of South Americas Two Landlocked Nations
Solution: Paraguay

Question: The Fosbury Flop Is A Technique In This Sport
Solution: High jump

Question: Tiny Dairy Vessels For Tea Parties And More
Solution: Creamers

Question: To Be Pitiful In An Embarrassing Way
Solution: Pathetic

Question: Vivid Orange Yellow Spice Used In Some Lattes
Solution: Turmeric

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